Welcome to SAIMED

The Southern Africa Institute for Media Entrepreneurship development (SAIMED) is a non - profit organisation established in 2002 to offer business management training and capacity building services to community and emerging media enterprises throughout Southern Africa. Such services are usually sponsored by SAIMED's donor partners. SAIMED also offers training and consultancy services to commercial media enterprises on a fee-paying basis.

SAIMED is owned by MISA Trust Fund Board (TFB). It was originally a division of the Southern Africa Media Development Fund (SAMDEF), which is also owned by MISA. SAIMED works in partnership with MISA Chapters in the SADC region and with SAMDEF.

Services overview

Consultant's workshop

Training workshops

SAIMED provides training on media management to commercial,community and emerging media enterprises in form of in-hose and open workshops. Click here for upcoming workshops and events.

Crystal Palace workshop

Media Consultancy

SAIMED is well placed to assist all media enterprises with their management related problems under consultancy agreement. Consultancies undertaken by SAIMED include the following: strategic management, newspaper circulation strategies and restructuring of media enterprises.

Consultant's workshop


Not all organizational problems can be overcome through training. SAIMED believes that the involvement of a mentor in a media enterprise is a very effective way of transferring skills into the enterprises thereby strengthening it. SAIMED’s mentorship programme has changed the fortunes of some media enterprises forever.

Conference Facilities

Conference Facilities

SAIMED offers conference facilities for meetings, workshops, seminars, ICT and brainstorming. Click conference facilties for more information.

Geographical Location

SAIMED does business with media enterprises in the following countries: Botswana, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozabique, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania.